• Lydia Eades

    Lydia Eades

  • Daniel John

    Daniel John

    May tweet about politics, religion, technology, sports (mainly Arsenal and Packers), Cambridge and general inanity. Consider yourself warned.

  • Nuwantha Fonseka

    Nuwantha Fonseka

    A delusional mess!

  • Todd Berner

    Todd Berner

    Todd Berner is a pharmaceutical expert with a focus on improving outcomes through patient advocacy, particularly when it comes to rare diseases.

  • Cathy Qian

    Cathy Qian

    Data Science @Expedia Group focused on forecasting machine learning models. @Upenn Chemistry Ph.D. Interested in data science, education and healthcare.

  • Jadelady


  • Shane Kuan

    Shane Kuan

  • Khoi Minh Nguyen

    Khoi Minh Nguyen

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