Imaginative new uses for a red cuboid institution

A defibrillator in a reclaimed phonebox

Since 1924, the red telephone box has been an unofficial symbol of the United Kingdom. The era of mobile communications and ubiquity of handheld devices swiftly brought about their demise. Still seen throughout the United Kingdom and in current or previous colonies, they are being repurposed in both utilitarian and…

National Eye Health Week 20–26 September

Blueberries contain antioxidants which have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and collagen-stabilizing properties. Credit:

In anticipation for the UK’s National Eye Health Week later this month, here are six simple ways to safeguard eye health.

1. Eat and drink healthily

Healthy eating and drinking is critical for health in general, and the eye is no exception. Fatty acids found in fish, nuts and…

Picture essay and review: A panoply of heritage and culture which spans five millenia. © Nima Ghadiri

Epic Iran at the V&A. Credit: Own Photos

This is an odyssey through numerous eras of Iran’s history, covering art and architecture, places and people in a flowing narrative from 3,200 BC to the present day.

From a reconstruction of the…

The Rain Festival

Tishtrya and Arash — the symbols of Tirgan

Tirgan is the fourth ancient Iranian Festival of seasons, alongside Norouz (Spring), Yalda (Winter) and Mehregan (Autumn). This year it is celebrated on Sunday 4th July.

Yesterday afternoon, Christian Eriksen collapsed on the pitch in the second game of the 2020 UEFA European Football Championships (delayed to 2021). After this, he stopped breathing, and his heart stopped beating.

In a critical few seconds, Simon Kjær, Denmark’s captain, promptly recognised the cardiac arrest and started resuscitation before…

A Connection with Nature

Blossom. Credit: Own Photo

It is Mental Health Awareness Week — A time for all of us to reflect on mental health and wellbeing.

Escapism through the medium of words and images

Vietnamerica by GB Tran

Graphic novels can take us to places in time and space. Here are some of the best ‘logues for lockdown. Some are real-life experiences, some are historical, some are semi-fictional , and there is no particular oder — but they all take us to places which exist in real life…

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